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At Dad's Automotive Services and Repairs Inc., your satisfaction is our number one priority. Honesty and integrity are everything to us, and that hasn't changed since we opened in 2002. Whatever you drive, and however you drive it, we can fix it. With no monthly quota for vehicles, we only give you repairs that you need.

Have you kept up on your vehicle's factory scheduled maintenance, otherwise known as your 30/60/90 services? We are the 30/60/90 specialists. Let us get your vehicle onto a good maintenance schedule. Below, is a great article callled "The Maintenance Mindset" to better think of how care for your vehicles.

Title: The Maintenance Mindset

Ask anyone if they’ve taken their vehicle in for preventive maintenance lately, and the answer will most likely be “no.” Surveys indicate that over 80% of vehicles on the road today are in need of some kind of repair or maintenance. Now, ask that same person why he hasn’t taken his car in for care. The answer will probably be that he forgot or that he just didn’t think about it. Most people seem to have a hard time remembering about scheduled maintenance for their vehicles.

Funny, because most of us have no trouble remembering to wash our clothes, mow our lawns or brush our teeth. It isn’t that we can’t remember to take our vehicles for service; it’s a matter of making it a priority.

When it comes to our vehicles, we all need to be a little more maintenance-minded. The fact is, we can choose to do it, or we might find ourselves being compelled to do it.

For example, when we consistently forget to brush our teeth, a major consequence usually follows. The pain of that experience usually compels us to be more mindful of our teeth and take better care of them.

The same goes for our vehicles. If we ignore them long enough, a painful experience is sure to follow—painful for our pocketbooks, that is. People who have gone through that experience are usually more conscientious about proper car care.

So, if you’re not a fan of the school of hard knocks, at least when it comes to vehicle maintenance, what can you do to remind yourself to look after your car?

The answer is actually built right in to your vehicle. Just pay attention to that little light that reminds you that you need an oil change. When it goes on, take your car in. But don’t just change the oil. Get a full-service oil change. The service technician will then check all of your fluids. He can advise you if any of them need to be changed, or if any of them are low. Low fluid levels can indicate leaks or a worn hose or seal, so the technician can check those for you as well. Other signs of wear are also immediately evident when you get a full-service oil change, such as a cracked serpentine belt or corroded battery cable. A good technician will also check the manufacturer’s service recommendations for your car and advise you of any other routine service that is coming due.

It’s like a one-stop shop for auto advice that will keep you on top of your vehicle’s maintenance.

The other good news is that most of the work won’t need to be done right away. You can get a picture of what needs to be done, then plan and budget for it during the coming months. It’s a lot cheaper and a whole lot less painful than unexpected car repairs.

Vehicles are more reliable than they ever have been. They can take a lot of abuse and neglect. But they’re also expensive and complicated machines. We can’t expect them to run forever without proper fluids and filters. Preventive maintenance will improve the reliability and life expectancy of your vehicle, as well as ensuring your safety on the road.

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